Meeting your South African bride online: All you need to know

Did you know that you could get yourself a South Africa bride without having to travel all the way to South Africa? Mail order brides are becoming more popular these days. These are real South African women who register with dating agencies to help them meet the love of their lives online. So if you are looking to get yourself a South African bride, you should definitely try mail order brides. There’s a catch though: not all the dating agencies out there have real South African women in them. Many of them are full of fake profiles and are just out there to scam people off their money. But the good news is we help you select the best and most trusted dating sites where you are sure to meet hot and genuine South African women. Why does everyone want a South African bride these days?

Why South African women are so popular among foreigners?


This has definitely got to be number one on the list. South African woman stand out from the rest of the African beauties because they have white women, black and mixed race amongst them. This means that South African women come in all kinds of colors and shapes. A typical black South African woman is tall, very curvy and slender. They love to maintain a sultry look and take extra care of their appearance. No matter what shape of beauty you admire, you are sure to find it amongst South African women. 


Contrary to what the media projects, South African women are quite witty, spontaneous and social. They are very knowledgeable and are not afraid to engage their men in intelligent conversations on topics they are well versed in. Thus, they can be extremely social and almost daunting so you will have to bring your best foot forward when you are dating a South African lady.


Another very interesting thing about South African women is their culture. South Africa is famous for its cultural diversity; they have many tribes and cultures yet each one is unique on their own and informs their dancing style, dressing and attitude. South African women are welcoming to foreigners especially since they are a mixed race of black and white.  Cape Town, Johannesburg and other major cities in South Africa aren’t just famous for being tourist centers; they are popular because in South Africa, foreigners are held in high regard.

Family life

South African women are meticulous not only their appearance but also their family. They are strong and affectionate especially when it concerns their family. As with women from most African countries, South African women are raised to take care of their husbands and children with respect and love. This is a task they do very happily as they are being prepared for it from childhood. They derive joy from seeing their children well raised and tended to and will stop at nothing to keep their men happy.

Where to meet South African woman

There are lots of dating sites where you can meet genuine South African women who are looking for husbands for marriage, but there are even many more dating sites with profiles of fake women. These sites collect information of users for scamming. It is important that you only sign into tested and trusted dating sites with profiles of real South African women to avoid scamming.

Dating a South African woman online

In dating a South African woman online, you will need to understand a little about their culture and what values South African women seek in a man. They can be opinionated and a little stubborn when upset, but are usually sweet and appreciate commitment in their relationships. South African women love gentlemen; treat her like a queen if you want to get the best out of her. Never raise your voice at her.  

Although South African women tend to be a little conservative (a consequence of a far reaching culture), yet they are responsive and romantic in their relationships online and are happy to meet husbands from other nationalities. Showing interest in her culture tells a South African woman that a man is really interested in getting to know her and this will endear you to her. 

Con’s of Dating a South African Woman

South African women are really sweet in their relationships but here’s what you need to know before getting into a relationship with them;


If you are used to dating simple, docile ladies, you might find dating a South African lady a handful because they tend to be feisty and will not take less than they absolutely deserve. When you are in a relationship with a South African lady, you definitely want to stay on her good side or you have object flying in the air in seconds! 

Like to Play on the Conservation Lane

Although many South African women are becoming a lot more modern, most of them are still conservative in nature and will judge many modern behaviors as inappropriate.

South African Brides: Our review rating system

Nothing would excite us more than to help you make your dream of having a South African bride a reality. In order to do this, we screen out fake or outdated dating platforms that can potentially frustrate your search for a real South African bride. Some of the standards we look at are:


Scammers are everywhere these days and many of them go under the guise of dating platforms to scam unsuspecting men off their hard earned money. Because we understand how unpleasant such an experience can be, we make sure that our customers only get to select from among the most trusted dating sites available online.


Different dating sites offer many types of membership packages to their users. Some will naturally be more expensive than others. We help you find dating sites with fair membership packages in order to reduce cost. 

Variety of women

Some men have to search through many South African women to find their bride. This is absolutely normal. This is why we make sure that the dating sites we approve have many varieties of women to make your search easier.


One of most important things to look for when searching for a good dating site is design. Poor designs lead to poor user experience and make it difficult for users to navigate around a website easily. In order to ensure that our users get the best experience while dating, we have selected dating sites with the best designs for their convenience.


Apart from the overall design, features are really important in enhancing user experience. From quality of content to simple clear and easy to identify features to page speed, these are but a few of the features we look out for these in selecting the best dating sites for you.


Safety of user’s data information is vital to us. Phishing sites that operate under the guise of dating sites are becoming more and more rampant these days. Personal information of users can be stolen for purposes other than what users signed up for. We ensure that we only feature dating sites that have been checked for safe dating guidelines, data encryption and protection.  

Customer support

Interestingly, many dating agencies report a significant increase in customer satisfaction when they added customer support to their platform. Customer support is very important especially in resolving account issues and for general user experience.

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